What Is Bonsai?
What Is Bonsai? - The Ancient Art Of Chinese And Japanese Gardeners PDF Print E-mail
What is Bonsai?  Bonsai is defined as the art of growing trees and shrubs of a miniature size in a container.  By pruning the plant and roots, the objective is to keep the plant in the container small in size while ensuring that the plant being grown resembles bigger full size trees or shrubs growing naturally in the wild.  There are many styles and techniques that can be utilized to accomplish the art of growing the tree or shrub small.

Bonsai can be grown indoors or outdoors.  Indoor bonsai is also referred to as "Chinese Bonsai".  Outdoor bonsai is referred to as "Japanese Bonsai".  The same bonsai styles and techniques can be used for both indoor or outdoor bonsai gardens.  

This web site has been designed to provide information on bonsai gardening for both the experienced and beginning bonsai hobbyist.
Hemlock Bonsai - A Very Popular Evergreen Conifer Bonsai PDF Print E-mail

The Hemlock Bonsai is an extremely popular evergreen conifer used by bonsai gardeners.  This family of conifers is also known as the Tsuga Canadensis or the Tsuga Heterophylla.  The Hemlock is a very hardy shrub and can easily be used in both formal and informal bonsai gardens.  The Hemlock works well with all bonsai styles and that attribute makes it  attractive for gardeners and hobbyists to use this variety in their bonsai gardens.

The Hemlock Bonsai family also has three varieties that are very popular - Canada Hemlock Bonsai, Eastern Hemlock Bonsai and Western Hemlock Bonsai,  All of these varieties find lots of use in bonsai gardens.

Juniper Bonsai - The Perfect Bonsai For Beginners PDF Print E-mail

Best suited species for bonsai AKA: Meyeri, Blue Carpet and Blue Star

The Juniper Bonsai is well acclimated indoors and outdoors making it one of the easier Bonsai to maintain.The Juniper is a low growing variety which has lush greens.

Light: The Juniper prefers light. It should receive at least four hours of direct sunlight per day.

Feeding: Feeding Juniper Bonsai is best done from early spring to autumn.  Every 20 to 30 days

Grape Bonsai - An Edible Fruit Tree PDF Print E-mail

Best suited species for the grape Bonsai:  American bunch grape Vitis (Vitis labrusca)AKA: fox grape, the Muscatine grape (V. vinifera) glory vine, European grape, river bank grape, are just a couple of varieties that do well for Bonsai.

Lighting: Grape Bonsai does require full sun and does best outdoors.The grape bonsai can be kept indoors as long as it is not exposed to dry heat which will damage the plant due to dehydration. Grapes can adjust to cold conditions but would need to have been dormant first.

Feeding: Miracle gro works very well for all Grape Bonsai species. 

Pomegranate Bonsai - A Great Choice For An Indoor House Plant PDF Print E-mail

The Pomegranate Bonsai is also known as the Punica Granatum, and is a deciduous variety of small bonsai trees or shrubs.   They have glossy, bright green oblong shaped leaves that that grow on reddish stems.  The Pomegranate Bonsai is a tender loving variety that is quite hardy and requires a high temperate climate for the plants to produce the edible round yellowish-red fruit famous for pomegranate trees,  This variety produces foliage that is quite attractive.

There is a variety of Pomegranate, called Punica Granatum var nana 

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